About Us

Chaharbagh  travel agency was founded in 2000 in Esfahan.  Initially its main activity in corporation with other travel agencies was handling the Iranian  local tours, but shortly after the various contracts with other Iranian tour operators, expanded its major function with handling the incoming tours to Esfahan, Shiraz and Yazd.

In 2006 chaharbagh agency managed the  first touristic  group directly from Freiburg as one of the Esfahan’s step sisters to Iran and since then it has been continued from other countries.

In 2015 we signed different contracts with Chinese agencies in COTTM fair in Beijing to have the rich tourist market of china both for incoming and outgoing tours and as one of the leading travel agencies in Esfahan we organized the outgoing tour to Japan and Australia in March 2016. In addition, the high potential of the European tourist destinations has made Chaharbagh agency too hectic in the summer time since 2006.

At the present time there is a extensive cooperation in the field of international ticketing between chaharbagh and the accredited airlines such as Lufthansa, Qatar airways, Emirates and Turkish airlines.  Visit Esfahan to feel Iran





Directing Manager: M.ROSTAM

Technical ticket manager: S. Bagheri

Technical tour manager: S.Razavi

Head guide: A.Manshaei

Executive  Manager: M.Asadi


Overseas Directors:

German and Austrian section : R.BAKTASHIAN